Tancrède Lepoint

at Apple

director (2018-2023)
of the IACR

co-editor (since 2016)
of the Cryptology ePrint Archive

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About me

Tancrède Lepoint is a cryptography engineer at Apple. He is also a director of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (2018-2023) and co-editor of the Cryptology ePrint Archive. Previously, he was a research scientist in the Private Computing team at Google, and a computer scientist at SRI International.

Tancrède drove the cryptographic deployment of the Exposure Notifications Privacy-preserving Analytics within Google, a differentially-private multiparty computation system based on the private measurement system Prio. He also designed the multi-server verification flow for Exposure Notifications in the US. He worked on lightweigth anonymous credentials (Privacy-Pass, trust tokens) and specializes in homomorphic encryption. Tancrède is also a coauthor of two post-quantum cryptographic primitives (CRYSTALS-Kyber and CRYSTALS-Dilithium), which are 2 of the 7 finalists considered for standardization by NIST.

His research interests include cryptography and security, privacy-enhancing technologies, differential privacy, homomorphic encryption, cryptographic protocols and implementation.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from École Normale Supérieure and University of Luxembourg.

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