Tancrède Lepoint

at Apple

director (2018-2023)
of the IACR

co-editor (since 2016)
of the Cryptology ePrint Archive

Candidate for a IACR Director position (elections 2016)

Longer statement.

I have been a member of the IACR for the last five years. Since last August, I am a co-editor of the ePrint. I would be honored to serve on the board for the next three years. My priorities are as follows.

1. Modernization of the online services of the IACR.

The IACR successfully provides multiple online services (crypto database, ePrint, news, calendar of cryptographic meetings, Ph.D. databases, videos, jobs, review software, conference registration etc.) but some of these services are rather disconnected from the others, and not alway up to date with new web tools, trends, and workflows.

As part of my involvement, I will continue to push the ongoing modernization of the latter online services on the front-end (website design, graphic charter, conference templates), on the back-end (interoperability of the services, Let's Encrypt certificates, automation), and on the creation of new services (such as Docker images for conferences).

2. Foster fruitful relations between researchers, practitioners, and standard agencies.

Cryptography is a rich and political field, which benefits greatly from useful collaborations between academics, practitioners, governments and standard agencies. Many initiatives, groups, companies already provide opportunities for online interactions, collaborations, and networking. I will continue to support these initiatives, with the goal of further involving our association on this topic.

3. Develop the open and international dissemination of our results and services.

IACR has a strong record in publishing high-quality research in cryptography, and in the recent years has focused on the "open-access" of these publications. I will continue to explore this direction and will push on expanding the functionalities of the Cryptology ePrint Archive (e.g. by adding support for code associated with publications).

Tancrède Lepoint.